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Self Storage Auctions

Here at Storage Etc, we hold monthly auctions run by our esteemed team of property managers. Highlighted below are just a few of the rules and regulations for interested attendees.

Auction Schedule


  1. All bidders must fill out the "Bidder's Sign in Sheet."
  2. When a buyer purchases an auctioned unit, they are responsible for everything in the unit.
  3. All newly purchased content must be removed from the unit and the property on the day of the sale unless otherwise specified by Supervisor; however, purchasers must return photos, documents and other such personal items to the property rental office.
  4. Removal of goods is permitted only during the property's open office hours.
  5. All goods are sold "as is"; there are no warranties or guarantees. Bids will be made based on visual inspection only.
  6. Bidders are not allowed to handle goods, nor walk through the space prior to the sale.
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