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Management Services at Storage Etc

About Us

At Storage Etc., we use our combined decades of experience at both public and private companies in the self storage industry to provide an effective all-inclusive management service. We give owners a way to maximize the potential of every property while also handling all day to day details and operations. Our intelligent and quick decision making coupled with our extensive marketing power and cutting-edge technology creates a powerful management style that has been proven successful time and time again over the last 20 years. Whether it’s just one property, or a whole portfolio, our experience and expertise will help any owner increase the value of their self storage property.

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People, Operations, & Accounting

At Storage Etc., our extensive industry experience coupled with data-driven decision-making helps us achieve consistent NOI growth year over year. Our streamlined operations combined with our personalized communication and nimble decision-making creates an exceptional storage management experience for the owner.

  • People 
    • Focus on hiring & training the highest quality employees to provide exceptional service
    • Monthly & quarterly incentivized operational goals for employees
    • District Manager handles all property staffing, training & managing
    • Weekly all-property calls to strengthen team-building and reinforce universal company policies & goals
  • Corporate Operations
    • Weekly meetings to review property performance
    • Dedicated team of experts to assist employees in the field at any time
    • Owner will have direct & timely communication with key decision makers
    • Boutique experience allows adaptability & nimble decision making
    • District Manager responsible for regular audits & monthly property visits
  • Revenue Management
    • Weekly strategy meetings to maximize revenues
    • Data-driven pricing strategies and rent increases
  • Risk Management
    • HR Department and legal team that provide professional solutions for any situation
    • Comprehensive employee handbook & operations manual that are frequently updated to reflect changing conditions
  • Accounting
    • Full-service accounting department to handle all needs
    • Weekly & monthly accounting reporting


Our Marketing Power

Performance Meetings

The Storage Etc. team has weekly meetings to review property operating results and the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. We make quick decisions on what modifications are needed to maximize rentals. Additionally, we have monthly meetings with our marketing partner to analyze data related to our website, organic traffic, and paid search campaigns. By using this analysis, we identify focus areas and implement plans to improve our campaign activity and search engine optimization (SEO). Our flexibility and ability to react quickly creates a cost-effective and successful marketing performance.


Our goal with our website is to generate as many online rentals, reservations, and calls as possible while enhancing our brand. With more customers looking to rent online now more than ever, Storage Etc. has worked diligently to utilize the latest website technology and trends. Customers are able to easily rent or reserve a unit online or make a payment on their account, all at

Our marketing partner manages and maintains our high-ranking position on organic (free) Google search. With our website and management software integration, we can quickly update and modify website content and any pricing, web rates or discounts.

Sales-Focused Managers & High-Quality Call Center

If a customer calls any of our Storage Etc. stores, they can rest assured that they will be talking to the right person to help them. Every manager undergoes extensive and detailed sales call training to ensure they have the skills necessary to close any new leads. We score and bonus our managers on actual sales calls every month and provide feedback. If the call is not answered in the office, our call center representatives will be able to help the customer and make a reservation just as if they were a manager in the store.

Marketing Analytics

Our marketing team has access to extensive online reporting and data. We are able to pull up detailed reports on calls, leads, rentals and advertising through our online cloud-based system at any time. This information is used to track lead acquisition cost, cost per rental and the overall customer journey. Tracking each of these trends from start to finish, whether online or over the phone, enables us to use that information to better improve future marketing efforts and expenditures.

Reputation Management

A major part of the Storage Etc. brand is our positive online presence and focus on the customer experience. Our managers work hard to get multiple positive reviews on Google & Yelp every month, and we respond to each of these reviews in a friendly and personalized manner. This strategy helps us bring in new customers and keeps existing ones engaged.


Storage Etc stays ahead of changing market trends, best practices, emerging research and industry developments. We use leading-edge technology at all of our properties to improve NOI. Utilizing cloud-based reporting and software means we are always able to track activity and handle our business efficiently from anywhere. This means information can be quickly and clearly transmitted between management, owners, and investors.

Technology Advantages with Storage Etc.:

  • Cloud-Based Systems
  • Paperless Offices
  • In-store Leasing via Tablet
  • AI-Supported Security Monitoring
  • Internet-Based Phone Systems
  • Touchless Property Access
  • Electronic Leases
  • Online Auctions
  • Automated Rent Collection via Email & Text Messaging

Our integrated technology solutions make for a quick and easy transition for new properties.


High-Level Services. Streamlined Solutions.