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10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Next Moving Truck


Got a big move on the horizon? You’re probably already thinking about the most efficient way to get your things from Point A to Point B. Many people think that renting a moving truck is necessary only for long-distance moves or transporting bulkier items, but a moving truck can save you time, energy, and money on smaller moves, too. These 10 tips, courtesy of Storage Etc., will help you make the most of your moving truck.

1. Think Ahead, Go Shopping

Making the most of your moving truck starts long before the big day. Yes, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite activity: packing. Your first step is to head to your local packing and moving experts to stock up on boxes, tape, tie downs, and labeling markers. Ask the truck rental company if they provide a dolly or furniture pads as well.

2. Pack Smart

Now that you’ve got your supplies, it’s time to start packing.

  • Start by packing a travel bag for everyone in the household so you don’t get caught without clean clothes, your toothbrush, etc.
  • Pack according to how you will unpack by keeping items that will live in the same space in the same box.
  • Clearly label all sides of the boxes with the name of the room or person, as well as the contents: Nancy Books Office or Jill Books Bedroom, for example.
  • Avoid over packing boxes that can damage the contents or even the box.
  • Wrap glass and breakables in towels, T-shirts, and linens to protect them.
  • Find more tips here!

3. Get All Your Things in One Place

If you have the space, gather all your stuff in one place before you begin loading the truck. This will give you a better idea of how to organize and load the truck. Outdoor spaces, like the yard or driveway, are great for this when the weather allows. Otherwise, the largest room closest to the exit is your best bet.

4. Organize by Size & Weight

Before loading your truck, organize everything in the order you plan to load the truck, starting with the bulkier items first. Then use smaller items to fill the gaps. We’ll explain why below.

5. Start With Large Appliances

The first items you’ll want to load into your moving truck are large appliances like your washer and dryer, refrigerator, range, and dishwasher. This makes it easier to secure these heavy items to the frame of the truck, which keeps them from shifting during transit. We recommend strong ratchet straps or tie-downs.

6. Fill in the Space

Once you have your appliances secured, fill in the spaces above and around them with boxes and other items. Since appliances are typically a pretty sturdy base, think about putting your other kitchen boxes with plates, glasses, silverware, and cookware on top. Use towels and other cloth as a buffer between boxes and appliances to prevent scratching.

7. Next Up: Large Furniture

Start with big, heavy furniture like your couch, bed frames, and mattresses. Tie them down securely before moving on.

8. The Mattress Trick

Mattresses should be secured against the sidewall of the truck. A floppy mattress can wreak havoc, so make sure it’s firmly in place. You can also put your flat-screen TVs and computer monitors in between two soft mattresses to protect them during the move.

9. Fill In Again

Once your furniture is set, start filling in the spaces. Since furniture can be vulnerable, be mindful in how you stack and use buffers when necessary. If you’re moving breakables like mirrors or picture frames, wrap them in your thickest blankets and place them next to something soft.

10. Clothing & Personal Items

Now that you’ve got all the big stuff packed away, it’s time to load your clothing, linens, and other lightweight items. The last items you’ll load into the truck are your first-night bags and bedrolls so you can easily access them.

Get Help from Moving & Storage Pros

If you’re overwhelmed by the big move, or you just don’t have time to do all the packing and planning you’d like beforehand, contact the moving and storage experts at Storage Etc. Our team is here to help with tips, tricks, and supplies that will help streamline your move.