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Man outside self storage unit with boxes piled on a wheeled dolly.

3 Creative Uses for Self Storage


There are plenty of benefits to having a self storage unit – like simplifying your next move, protecting your sensitive electronics and artwork, and making it easy to keep your seasonal sports equipment accessible between adventures. But those are only a few of the ways a self storage unit can make your life easier. Dig into our handy guide for even more reasons why having a self storage unit rules.

Room to Dream

Ever wished you had your own private gym? How about a private theater for just you and your friends? Or maybe your band needs a cool place to practice between gigs. Your self storage unit is likely not a suitable space for any of these activities, but it is a great place to put the furniture from your living room, home office, or basement that’s keeping you from pursuing that dream. By storing these things away from your home, you’ll open up space for the activities you really want to do. Dream big!

Get Down to Business

Have a side hustle selling antiques or collectibles on eBay? A self storage unit is an ideal place for storing packaging materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, as well as your inventory. Set up a card table and take care of packaging all in one place without cluttering up your home. Many self storage facilities also offer mailing services, further streamlining your sales process. A self storage unit is great for other types of business too, offering an easy way to open up space by storing away the extra inventory and unneeded equipment.

Gift Giver’s Getaway

Whatever gift-giving traditions you celebrate, maintaining the element of surprise can be a challenge. Fortunately, a self storage unit makes the ideal solution for dealing with nosy family members. Not only can you use your unit to securely store gifts of all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to assembling them you’ve got all the room you need. Your self storage unit is also an ideal spot to set up your gift-wrapping station, giving you plenty of space to spread out away from prying eyes.

For more tips and tricks on getting the most out of your self storage experience, visit the Storage Etc. blog.