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4 Tips for Storing Sports Equipment


Every season has activities to enjoy. If you are one to try different sports, you understand the need for space. Sports equipment can take over your garage and become hard to organize. When you have Storage Etc. on your side you have seasonal storage tips for every situation. Keep reading to see how you can organize every season.

  1. Make some edits

Before you pack everything away, go through the equipment and sort through what you want to keep and what needs to be donated. If your whole family enjoys many outdoor activities, ask them to look through as well. This is the time to remove broken or outgrown items. 

  1. Preparing your items for storage

Once you have the must store items, wash everything with hot soapy water and wipe down with a clean rag to make sure there is no unwanted dirt or mildew on the items. Any sports balls can be stored in a stretchable bag, such as a laundry bag. Bats and rackets are best stored in an upright stand or box. Furthermore, it helps to label anything that is being stored in a container so that when looking for the items later on they are much easier to locate.

  1. Store with the next season in mind

If you store with the next season in mind your swapping out will be more efficient. You will be able to find exactly what you need when you want it. It is important to come prepared with a plan on how to want to store your items. One tip is to designate a portion of your unit for each sports season or possibly even each sport. As long as everything is stored in an organized manner you should have no trouble locating what you need.

  1. Keep the keepsakes safe

Watching sports and attending games is equally as exciting as the collection of mementos to help you relive the day. Whether it is from your past games or special moments in sports history, your collection is well taken care of here. Our storage units offer the added protection to help you keep your peace of mind. Place commemorative newspaper clippings or cards behind waterproof sleeves and protect fabric behind frames or heavy-duty plastic.

With Storage Etc. enjoy every season with extra space for your belongings. Seasonal storage is great for storing clothes, large equipment you only use for certain projects and more. Head over to and browse the units available in your area today.