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5 Essential Tips for Storing Your Furniture the Right Way


Strategically loading your storage unit with furniture is a bit like a game of Tetris. Inventive stacking, rotating your furniture into all sorts of configurations, quick decisions – it’s all part of the storage adventure. Storage Etc. is here to guide you through this journey. The following tips will help you maximize your space while safeguarding your stuff.

1. Save Space by Taking it Apart

Take stock of what you’re storing and decide what needs to be disassembled. Removing the legs from a kitchen table, for instance, will save you some precious space. When you go this route, be sure to stash hardware like bolts, nuts, or screws in Ziploc bags. And be sure to label them. This will make life much easier when it comes time to put everything back together.

2. Don’t Be Too Adventurous

As you place your furniture into the unit, keep it tight and watch for awkward gaps. Big pockets of space invite trouble by giving your items room to wobble, teeter, and potentially fall. And don’t be too adventurous when stacking your furniture. The last thing you want is that couch or end table toppling over onto you because you created a Leaning Tower of Living Room Furniture. Also, if you’re resorting to cramming furniture into tight spaces to make everything fit, consider a bigger unit. Damage to your furniture because it’s stored improperly could very well prove more costly than simply upgrading your unit.

3. Bulky Stuff in the Back

As you pack your unit, start by placing the bulkiest items toward the back. Working back to front gives you more flexibility as you arrange your unit, saving the space up front for smaller items that’ll require more creative stacking.

4. Safeguard Your Stuff

Stock up on moving blankets and plastic wrap. Blankets help provide cushioning between items, preventing damage. If you’re storing your furniture for an extended period of time, consider shrink-wrapping wooden or upholstered items. It’ll help protect against scratches, tears, and the elements. For even more protection, consider lining the floor of your unit with a plastic sheet. For all things wrapping, check out this guide.

5. Clean Everything on the Way In

Give your furniture a good scrubbing before tucking it away in a storage unit. You don’t want any dirt, grime, or mildew coming along for the ride and making a mess of your unit. Don’t know where to begin? This primer on cleaning furniture has you covered.

Bonus Tip: Consider Climate Control

If you have antique furniture, family heirlooms passed down through the generations, or if your items will be stored long term, consider a climate-controlled unit. These units remain at a consistent temperature year-round, helping guard against extreme shifts in temperature, warping, mildew, and cracking. Find a climate-controlled unit near you at Storage Etc.

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