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5 Fall Storage Tips & Ideas to Get Ready for Winter


Fall is a great time to deep-clean your home and reorganize your life. The chaos of summer is in the rearview mirror. Winter, with its shorter days and frigid weather, is looming. Performing a thorough fall clean might seem daunting, but if broken into small steps, it can be simple and rewarding. And as you proceed, storage should no doubt be front of mind. Here are five tips to help you get started.

1. Stop Procrastinating!

The first step is often the hardest to take. Delays have a way of building ... and building. With many storage-related projects, they become harder once the cold weather hits. Trips across town become dicier. Finding friends to help move larger items becomes harder. So when the mood strikes you, act!

2. Declutter Bug

Even if your garage or storage unit isn’t overflowing with stuff, a well-balanced storage area and living space is key to leading a well-balanced life. A good strategy is to place the items you use the most near the front of your storage unit or garage. If you don’t have a heated storage unit, certain sensitive items like electronics might not make it through a winter. Cleaning products can also be negatively affected by the cold. Consider storing textile and linen items in vacuum-sealed bags to shield them from the elements.

3. Keep It Clean

No one wants to pull a box out of storage and open it to find a dirty, disorganized mess. It can make finding what you’re looking for next to impossible – and it’s disheartening. So be sure to take the extra time to do the little things, such as organizing like items with like items, rinsing off mud and dirt, coiling cords and cables, etc. Often, this doesn’t take much effort. What takes just a few seconds on the front end can save you heaps of hassle and heartache down the road.

4. Sell That Stuff

Used cellphones, watches, old records, DVDs. Just because they no longer have meaning to you doesn’t mean they don’t have value to someone else. If having a tidier, more peaceful living space isn’t enough incentive for you to get rid of your old tech, try selling it on sites like Gazelle or Flipsy. You might earn more than you’d expect. Even items that no longer function can be sold to refurbishers like Decluttr.

5. Give It Away

What better way to de-stress and rid your home of excess clutter than by donating your valuable used possessions to those in need. Furniture, blankets, winter coats and boots, canned goods, boxes, and books are all good candidates for donation. Some aid organizations even haul away your donations free of charge. With Christmas around the corner, this is a great way to give to your community and get into the holiday spirit.

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