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5 Insider Tips For Safely Moving Your Large Furniture Items


We've all been there – trying to move a large couch or overstuffed chair through a narrow doorway, or a U-shaped desk around a door frame. Aside from enlisting help, Storage Etc. has insider tips to walk you through techniques the professionals use to navigate doorways and other awkward spaces, as well as how lifting straps and a dolly help make the moving process easy.

Make a Plan

When moving large furniture, having a plan is beneficial. Take the time to consider how the size restrictions of a door or a narrow hallway affect your move. By planning out your path before the heavy lifting begins, not only will you conserve your strength, you’ll reduce the frustration you feel when attempt after attempt fails to get your L-shaped couch into your moving van.

Protect Your Space

Whether you are moving from your rented apartment or moving into your own home, you’ll want to protect the walls, doors, and molding from unintended bumps and scrapes. This might mean using a quilted blanket to pad your dining room table or removing the door from its hinges and the molding from the doorjamb to create more space for your item to easily slide through.

Get Creative

Have a U-shaped table or an overstuffed chair that’s impossible to navigate through a narrow door? Make your furniture as light and compact as possible. Remove any parts that aren’t permanently attached, such as drawers, legs, and shelves. Lightening the load makes it easier to maneuver around tight turns. Use furniture sliders to position the object closer to the door.

Once you’ve lightened and positioned your piece of furniture, imagine the micro moves – tiny forward and backward movements – you’ll use to slowly shift the object through the door. This may mean drawing an imaginary “L” or “K” with your small changes in direction. Think of it this way: It’s a bit like parking a Cadillac in a tight space and parallel to the curb.

Use a Dolly

A dolly comes in many forms, but all include two or four wheels and a flat surface to place all or a portion of your bulky appliances or heavy furniture. Once loaded, the dolly’s wheels make it easy to move heavy objects across a flat surface. The key to ensuring moving success with a dolly is to securely position the furniture or object on the dolly and clear the path you wish to take so that it is free of any obstacles.

Lift With Straps

Leverage your might with lifting straps. Moving straps are strong, adjustable, and reduce the strength required to lift your heavier household items. Straps require an additional person but provide an easy way to lift and move heavy items.

Check out the Storage Etc. blog for more tips to help you navigate your next move.