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5 Tips for Doubling the Storage Space in Kid’s Your Dorm Room


It’s school time again, and if your kid is heading off to college for their freshman year, now’s the time to prepare them for the challenges of dorm life. You know, sharing a bathroom with dozens of strangers. Loud roommates and hallmates keeping them awake all night before an 8 AM midterm. Zero privacy can also be a big change. And then, of course, there’s the storage situation ...

Fortunately, there are a few solutions for this last dorm-life issue – and our handy guide is here to help. With these five tips, your kid will have plenty of space to stock up on earplugs.

Pack Right

The first step to making more space begins with how you put your clothes away. You’ve likely heard of Marie Kondo, the tidying up extraordinaire – a few years ago, she seemed to be everywhere. And there’s a reason she’s got her own Netflix show. She really knows her stuff. Her video on correctly folding clothes can help your kid create way more space while also keeping their clothes looking pressed and fresh. She’s also a great source if your kid needs a little help choosing which wardrobe items they really need and which can be donated or sold.

Furniture That Does Double

When your kid kicks back and puts his or her feet up, make sure it’s on an ottoman that doubles as a storage box. Otherwise, it’s just wasted space. The same goes for their coffee table – models with spring-loaded tops and hidden compartments offset their footprint by hiding even more storage. There are even options for the chair where their sitting. This chair from Wayfair provides almost 6 cubic feet of storage space under its seat.

Under-the-Bed Answers

Another bit of space that can be easy to forget is the dark cavern under your kid’s bed. Plenty of companies make smartly designed drawers and boxes just for this purpose. By adding leg risers, like these from Bed Bath & Beyond, you can add an additional 7 inches, giving you even more room to stack storage solutions. Plus, these ones do double duty by providing additional outlets for your phone and more.

The Ceiling is the Limit

Another area to take advantage of is all the open space between the floor and ceiling. In other words, when it comes to shelving, the sky’s the limit. IKEA’s square shelving units, for example, come in a variety of configurations and can be stacked to provide plenty of storage for all your kid’s books and knickknacks.

Store It Off Campus

If all else fails and there’s still not enough room for all your kid’s stuff, renting a storage unit may be your best solution. Modern storage units are available in a variety of sizes, so it’s easy to find the right unit for your kid’s needs. And with a self storage unit, not only can your son or daughter store away seasonal items like summer clothing and sports equipment, but when summer break rolls around, you won’t have to worry about hauling everything home for a few months between semesters.

For more storage tips, tricks, and life hacks, visit the Storage Etc. blog.