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Looking for moving tips, seasonal storage guides, or spring cleaning inspiration? Check out the blog to see how you can do more with your self storage unit at Storage Etc.

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5 Tips for Selecting the Ideal Storage Unit for Your Needs


With a storage unit that looks like this, you’ll never find what you need – especially if it’s tucked away in the back. At Storage Etc., we can help you choose a unit that’s right for you and your things so that getting to the back is a snap and locating your weekend supplies is a breeze.

1. It’s All About Size!

We want to give you as much help as you need. Check out our website, where you’ll find a unit size guide featuring illustrations of our spaces and the type of items that can fit into them. We have a wide range of sizes, so whether you’re storing a few small boxes or even a car, we have a fit. Looking for packing tips? Here are a few you might not have thought of.

2. Take Stock of Your Stuff

Whether you’re moving into a similar-size home, just putting a few things into storage, or going for a full-on downsize, the type of move you are making will dictate the size of your keep, store, and donate/recycle piles. For your storage pile, make a categorized list by item size. If you’re a visual planner, also take photos or videos of each item. When items are in storage for a while, it’s easy to forget what’s there and what they look like. A visual inventory also allows you to accurately predict what size space you need and plan for how you will organize it. Don’t forget to plan for a walking path so you can get to those items you’ve tucked away in the back.

3. Use Your Truck as an Estimator

If you’re planning to use a rental truck for your move, this could be your ticket to the unit size that works best for you. If you know you have enough stuff to fill up a 10-foot truck, then you can compare the unit sizes offered and rent one slightly larger so you have room to maneuver. Make sure to double check the height of the unit you are considering as well! Our California and Colorado locations offer free truck rentals with the purchase of a unit. Head here to find out if a truck is available at the location near you.

4. What’s the Purpose of Your Storage Unit?

When it comes to storing specialized items, loading a storage unit exactly as you loaded your truck will not do the trick. For instance, art collections need more space in a storage unit than they needed in the moving truck. You can display them on easels in a climate-controlled unit, ready to be viewed and/or picked up by a potential buyer. If your unit is for very specific collections or part of your business, be sure to envision how this space will be used by all parties involved. You will likely need more space than you would if you were storing items to be moved from your unit to your home.

5. Location Offerings

Head to the What We Offer page of our website and you’ll find an easy way to view the features at each of our locations! Do you need to store an extra car or a boat? Or do you need to rent a truck or store temperature-sensitive items? If you have antique collections, wooden furniture, important documents, or musical instruments – things that will be affected by extreme temperature changes – you’ll want to rent one of our climate-controlled units. They keep the interior temperature consistent so your critical items don’t stress out. These specialized units are available for rent at Storage Etc. locations in California, Colorado, and Utah.

For the best tips on packing, storing, and renting a storage unit, check out our blog!