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5 Tips for Taming Your Cluttered Closets

5 Tips for Taming Your Cluttered Closets

We are all guilty of stuffing an old jacket or a hardly used ironing board into a closet without thinking about it again for the next few months. You know the space. It’s time to take a deep breath and tackle these areas once and for all using Storage Etc.’s tips for closet decluttering and organization.

Review & Donate

The first step to closet organization is to assess what’s in there already. Set aside some time to pull everything out of your closet for a quick review. As you review items, ask yourself if you use that item often. Is it in wearable condition? If you’re ready to part with items, consider giving them to your donation center of choice.

Create Closet Themes

The key to staying organized is knowing how you use the space you have. Do you keep finding piles of jackets by the door or a heap of shoes just outside of their usual space? That’s an indication that these high-use items need their own space. Once you’ve identified what items are being heavily used but don’t have the dedicated space, you’re ready to create a themed closet. Don’t let tradition stop your needs – who says you can’t have a scarf or a crafting closet? It’s your space to customize as you want!

Maximize Your Space

Closets can come in all shapes and sizes, but let’s be honest, they’re usually not known for their expansive space. Fortunately, there are so many creative storage solutions for closet spaces that make even the tiniest of areas able to neatly store quite a bit. From double racks to over-the-door hanging storage, there’s no shortage of products that help you maximize your space. Not sure what will work for you? Check out this article that touches on some great space hacks.

Use Self Storage

Take advantage of the seasons to keep your closets under control. There’s no need to have large jackets taking up prime closet space in the middle of summer. Instead, consider seasonally flipping your wardrobe and store your offseason clothing and personal items in a Storage Etc. self storage unit. With climate-controlled and traditional units to choose from at Storage Etc., you’ll find the perfect storage solution for even your most delicate items.

Weekly & Seasonal Reviews

Now that your closets are organized to their highest potential, the challenge is to keep them that way. We suggest doing a quick weekly “sweep” of your newly organized areas to make sure that items haven’t snuck their way into the area. In addition to a weekly check, do a seasonal sweep where you assess your belongings as you put them away, making sure not to keep items just for the sake of it.