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Man and woman moving a cardboard box labeled “bedroom,” with other boxes stacked behind them.

5 Tips to Organizing Your Self Storage Unit for Ultimate Accessibility


Whether you’re hoping to make more room in your garage, clear out some space in your home for a new hobby or nursery, or store extra inventory for your growing business, a self storage unit may be just the solution you’re looking for. But if you can’t access the things you need, it can become more of a burden than a benefit. Let Storage Etc. help you get the most out of your self storage unit with this handy guide to organizing your belongings.

Don’t Waste Space

First things first: Be sure to use all the space in each of your boxes! However, it’s best to fill them with a mix of heavy and lighter items, with the heavy items on the bottom. For instance, when packing books, don’t overfill the box to the point you can’t lift it without hurting yourself. But do fill the rest of the box with lighter items like paper, clothing, or blankets. That way, you can stack other boxes on top without the box collapsing. Check out this handy wikiHow guide for tips on efficient packing.

Build a Hallway

We have all experienced the frustration of realizing that the one thing we’re looking for is in a box at the back of our storage space, whether it’s a storage unit or a closet. A great way to prevent this issue is to build in a walkway to the back as you fill up your unit with boxes and other items. Now, even when your unit is filled to the ceiling, you will still be able to access that box in the very back.

Label Everything

One of the simplest ways to keep track of where your possessions end up in your storage unit is by labeling all of your boxes. Use a permanent black marker and write clearly in the same spot on every box. In order to get the best results, be sure to stack boxes with the label visible, either facing toward the front or the walkway you built.

Make a List

In addition to labeling your individual boxes, creating a master list can help you locate specific things quickly. Simply add a number to each box label and list the items from the box label on a spreadsheet or in a notebook. Now when you need something, all you have to do is find the number that corresponds to the item. Wham-o!

Front-Load What You Need Most

If there are certain items you know you will need to access more than others, be sure to place them in the front. Examples might include offseason clothing, seasonal decorations, or extra inventory for your business. That way you can just grab and go without having to spend an hour searching through your storage unit.

Add Some Shelves

If you will be storing oddly shaped items, files, or legal papers you will need access to, consider adding some heavy-duty shelving. This will get items you can’t stack out of the way while still making access easy.

For more tips and tricks for getting the best out of your self storage unit, visit the Storage Etc. blog.