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5 Ways to Organize Your Self Storage Unit

5 Ways to Organize Your Self Storage Unit

If you’re renting a storage unit, you’ve already done the hard work and know that the space you had before just wasn’t enough. Now that you’ve got your unit, keeping it clean and organized sounds a little easier said than done. Because we care about your belongings and would hate to see anything bad happen to them, Storage Etc. has put together a few tips to help you arrange your items quickly and efficiently.

1. Categorize & Label

No matter how easy you think it’ll be to remember which box you put your winter clothes in, there’s a good chance you’ll forget by the time November rolls around. To avoid endlessly digging through boxes to find those gardening tools, all you have to do is categorize your items when packing them and label the boxes when you’re done. This will save you a ton of time later when you need to quickly grab something from your unit.

2. Put the Heavy Items at the Bottom

This tip seems obvious but gets overlooked more than you might think. If you plan to store bigger items like furniture, tables, or heavy kitchen utensils, be sure to put these items at the bottom when stacking to avoid crushing things like glassware or important family photos. With the combination of heavy items on the bottom, light items on top, and consistent labeling, you’ll know exactly where your belongings are at all times.

3. Store in Plastic

To preserve the value of your items for years to come, we suggest covering and wrapping your belongings in plastic wrap or storing them in plastic containers. This wrap can help prevent against weather damage. As the seasons change outside, the temperature and humidity will change inside your unit. And if you plan to store temperature-sensitive items such as wooden furniture or artwork, these items will be the most affected if you don’t cover them up. If you do plan to store such items, head over to Storage Etc. and ask about our climate-controlled units that keep temperature and humidity levels consistent year-round.

4. Put Frequently Used Items in the Front

If you store important items that you know you’ll use more often than others, we suggest placing them near the front of your unit so can easily access them. For example, if you don’t have any room in your home to put your skis or snowboard during the winter months, place them at the front of your unit so they’re easily accessible for the next powder day. This reduces stress when you’re searching for items and makes a world of difference when you’re running a little behind schedule.

5. Make a List

One of the most important parts of keeping your storage unit organized is to know exactly what items are in there and where. Making a list might seem a little overboard, but unless you have a photographic memory, odds are you’ll forget where you placed certain items. Make a list before you move in and then make another list as you’re loading your belongings into your unit. Compare the lists at the end of the day to ensure all items are accounted for.

6. Upgrade Your Storage Unit

If you’ve tried all these tips and your storage unit still seems unorganized and cluttered, it might be time to upgrade to a larger space. Rather than getting rid of items you aren’t ready to part with, give Storage Etc. a call today and we’ll gladly help you find a larger unit to accommodate your storage needs in an organized fashion.