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5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Self Storage


Being organized can improve the performance of any business, and self storage is a great tool that can help with short- and long-term organizational goals. Self storage is just another form of virtual office space for many businesses today, whether they want to keep documents archived and secure, manage inventory, or need a short-term option during a renovation or relocation. Here are five ways your business can benefit from self storage.

1) Get Out From Under That Mountain of Paper

If your once roomy workplace seems to be shrinking by the day due to overflowing file cabinets and boxes full of old paperwork, don’t panic. You won’t necessarily need to move into a larger space. Instead, consider the easier and cheaper option of renting a self storage unit. Many Storage Etc. locations offer advanced security measures and climate-controlled storage ideal for protecting and preserving important documents. Climate control maintains moderate temperatures and humidity levels to inhibit documents from dissolving, discoloring, fading, or being damaged by mold and mildew growth. Archiving older and little-used files in this protected environment will free up valuable office space for your current documents and activities, and help your team be more organized and productive.

2) Store Excess Inventory & Equipment

If your business is growing or has seasonal fluctuations in volume, a self storage unit provides a cost-effective way to accommodate your excess inventory, equipment, and even vehicles. With available units ranging from a closet-sized 3x5 to an extra large 10x30, you can rent just as much space as you need at a cost per square foot that is significantly lower than leasing additional office or commercial space. Depending on the size and weight of the items you’ll be storing, and how often you’ll need to access them, you can select a Storage Etc. location that offers drive-up units, or opt for a facility with climate control or interior units and elevators. There’s a size and configuration to suit your needs, and the whole process is simplified by the availability of free trucks for initial move in plus free dollies and carts for loading and unloading.

3) Quickly Expand Your Reach at Minimal Cost

Self storage can also let you respond rapidly to opportunities for growth. If you’re looking to expand the territory served by your business, self storage units in the new locale provide a simple way to initially stage needed supplies and equipment in a close, convenient location as you begin operations. This minimizes overhead while you test the waters and until you’re ready to establish a more permanent footprint in that area.

4) Facilitate a Renovation or Relocation

If you’ve lost your lease and have to quickly relocate, outgrown your space and found new digs, or are about to start a long-awaited renovation, a storage unit can be a life – and business – saver. Use self storage to temporarily house office furniture, inventory, or equipment that needs to be safely stashed while you’re moving or remodeling. With self storage, there’s no need to scour real estate listings and negotiate complicated leases. And if the renovation process takes a little longer than planned, you can easily extend your storage lease for an extra month or two.

5) Convenience & Flexibility

Whatever the reason your business uses self storage, one of the biggest advantages is the sheer flexibility this service provides. With month-to-month leases, you’re not locked into rigid, long-term contracts. If you suddenly find you want more or less storage, you can add units or downsize to a smaller space as needed. And with extended access hours seven days a week, your files or equipment will be readily accessible. Think of self storage as your new, silent business partner.

Looking for more information about how self storage can work for you? Check out the Storage Etc. blog.