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A man pushes a dolly loaded with three moving boxes out a doorway into a snow-covered yard.

Don't Let the Weather Get You Down with These Winter Moving Tips


The weather likes to conspire against us at the most inopportune times. But even if Old Man Winter decides to fill your sidewalk with snow the day of your move, you can still make it through. Check out these winter moving tips that will help you plow ahead on moving day, and protect you and your belongings.

Plan Ahead

Stay on top of the local weather forecast and the forecast for your travel route and destination in the week leading up to moving day. If a snowstorm is predicted, pushing your moving schedule forward or back by even a few hours could help you avoid the worst of it. And, don’t forget to check the snowplow schedule so you don’t find your path to the moving truck or your carefully planned parking strategy foiled or delayed by a giant snow berm. If you’re using professional movers, stay in touch with them prior to moving day and discuss your options based on the predicted severity of the storm. If you’re taking your belongings to a storage unit, contact the staff to ensure the facility and your unit will be accessible at your planned arrival time.

Keep Your Shovel Handy

What’s the worst thing that could happen as you stagger down an icy driveway lugging your heavy sofa, or the box full of beautiful china you inherited from your grandmother? Don’t risk it! Build time into your schedule to shovel or snow blow your sidewalks and driveway, or the street where your vehicle will be parked. Also, have some salt or snow melting chemicals on hand for traction in case of any slick spots.

Protect Your Floors

There will be a LOT of foot traffic in and out of your home on moving day. No matter how careful everyone tries to be, some dirty, slushy snow will inevitably be tracked inside. Put floor mats outside each door and cover the main traffic routes inside the entry points of your home with a drop cloth, plastic sheet, or tarpaulin. This will protect your floors and rugs from damage, and minimize any extra cleaning that may be necessary afterward. Storage Etc. sells a range of moving supplies that can help.

Have Soft Items on Hand

In case it starts snowing or sleeting when you’re midway between the front door and the moving truck, have some sheets, towels, or blankets handy near the doors, and inside your moving truck. You can toss them over pieces of furniture or boxes to keep off the snow or sleet as they’re carried to or from the truck. You can also use the towels to quickly dust off any snow that may accumulate, before it has a chance to melt and do damage.

Turn Off the Heat

Avoid an unwelcome surprise on your utility bill by turning it off on moving day. One or more exterior doors will consistently be open and there’s no point in letting all that heat escape. Designate one smaller room as your temporary warming hut, and keep that area toasty with a space heater. You and your movers can take short breaks in there to warm up as needed. You could even keep some hot chocolate or warm cider available to help warm you from the inside. If you have pets in your home that day, you can keep them corralled in that room as well. They’ll be safe, comfortable, and not underfoot.

Safety First

Always prioritize your safety and that of your friends or movers when ultimately deciding whether to go ahead with a move during a snowstorm. But with some advance planning and these tips, you’ll get through your winter move successfully.

Check out the Storage Etc. blog for even more moving, organization, and storage tips.