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How to Swap Your Seasonal Items In Self Storage

At Storage Etc., we think the best way to store is to store smart, which is why we are big fans of seasonally rotating your storage unit. That way you won’t find yourself climbing over your holiday decorations in the height of summer to get your charcoal barbecue. We’ve made an easy five-step guide that keeps you using your self storage unit efficiently through every season.

Spot Your Seasonal Items

When it comes to dialing in your seasonal storage rotation, the best place to start is by identifying the items that only get used in a particular season. For example, how much action is your ski set going to get when summer rolls around? Identifying winter-specific items like ski gear, large winter coats, holiday decorations, and warm-weather items like patio furniture, pool toys, and sports equipment will help make your swap quick and efficient.

Group Your Gear by Activity

Now that you’ve identified which items you use on a seasonal basis, box them up by activity. Group your holiday lights together with ornaments, or create a ski box that has your mask, powder jacket, poles, and skis ready to go. Once you have your items grouped, make sure to store them in order of use, with high-use items closer to the door for easy access. Consider making rows in your storage unit so you can walk, not climb, to your items, and definitely make sure to label the sides of your boxes for easy identification.

Consider a Utility Trailer

Save your back and your time by storing all of your heavy or bulky seasonal items on a utility trailer and back it right into your storage unit. Imagine the time you’ll save by having your snowblower and other seasonal bulky items all ready to go. That way, by the time the first snow rolls in, all you have to do is hitch up your trailer and drive off with your winter gear. Then simply swap out the trailer with your summer items like the barbecue, pool toys, bike, lawnmower, and move it back into storage.

Clean Everything Before Storing

Do your future self a favor and clean every item that you’re putting into storage. That means when it’s time to get your summer toys out, or you’re ready to hit the mountain in the deep of winter, you’ll find your items exactly as you left them. We suggest that heavy coats are dry cleaned and stored in tight-fitting bags, anything that could have moisture on it, like your favorite tent or summer pool toys, be thoroughly dried to avoid mold and mildew buildup over the offseason. Yard equipment should be serviced, drained of fuel, and batteries removed for easy and safe storage.

Only Keep What You Use

Tap into your inner Marie Kondo by making sure that you only hold on to items that you actually use. By keeping your personal items to what you use, you’ll find that you have more space and a more streamlined storage unit that’s easy to navigate. If you’re ready to let go of some items, consider donating them to your charity of choice.