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Items on a green lawn with a sign that says yard sale.

How to Use Your Self Storage Unit to Plan for a Springtime Yard Sale


You have a couple of large items in your house that need to find a home elsewhere. And although you haven’t frequented your three-quarters full storage space in months, much less remember what’s in it, chances are high there are things you could add to that sell list. Guess what? You’ve stumbled upon the perfect recipe for a springtime yard sale. Check out these tips for using your storage unit and a little ingenuity to pad your wallet this season.

Hmmm, What’s In There?

Head over to your Storage Etc. unit and begin the process of combing through your stuff. Books, old furniture, out-of-style clothes, Grandma’s old china you swore you’d use, old gear and technology, baby paraphernalia – basically anything you don’t use anymore or don’t plan to in the future is fair game. Since a yard sale is most successful with lots of items, take inventory at your unit to see if you have enough pieces to round out a sale. If not, go through each room in your home and earmark those items you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Schedule a yard sale date on your calendar, and then keep an eye out for more items to add to the sale.

Divide & Conquer

Hurray! Having this extra space is ideal for prepping for your spring yard sale – no need to junk up your house. And, in fact, you can move those sale items that are cluttering your home space into the storage space. Inside your unit, separate the space into keep and sell. It’s that simple! Oh, and be sure to donate, recycle, or toss those things that aren’t worth keeping any longer. You may find you are gaining space you didn’t know you had.


The more you can do before the sale, the better. You’re on a roll now so just keep that momentum going. Ask yourself these questions to decide your pricing strategy. Do you want to price each item? Are you willing to negotiate? Should I price high and sell low? Will I have a FREE box? Will I slash prices at a specific time of the day? Once you’ve decided, get to work pricing those items on the SELL side of the space. You have so many labeling options for pricing your stuff – preprinted labels, color-coded labels, plain labels. Choose your favorite and go to town with those sticky circles. Enlist your family for assistance too! Who knows? You may have more free time on your hands than you expected.

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