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These Types of Businesses Love Self Storage


A storage unit can be a lifesaver for small and big businesses alike. Whether you’re a self-employed entrepreneur or own a multimillion-dollar construction company, a self storage unit from Storage Etc. might be the perfect fit to help streamline your operations. Here are a handful of businesses that love self storage.

Pharmaceutical Sales

A climate-controlled storage unit is a pharmaceutical salesperson’s best friend. Always on the go meeting with physicians, they need a centralized location to store all their inventory. With regulated temperature and humidity levels, a climate-controlled storage unit is the perfect place to keep pharmaceutical samples while saving space at the office or at home.

Contractors & Landscapers

A storage unit is an ideal solution for contractors or landscapers who don’t have space at the shop or at home for all their equipment. A unit can serve as an ideal home base for an always-on-the-go contractor to store tools, hefty equipment, construction supplies, or trailers. They can simply stop by en route to the jobsite and get to work.

Interior Designers

Interior designers are perpetually on the prowl for furniture and decor – and their treasured finds can pile up rather quickly. Whether it’s a vintage gem of a coffee table from an antique store or an eccentric lamp from a boutique furniture shop, it needs a place to rest until it finds the perfect home. Why not a storage unit?

Real Estate Agents

For-sale signs, open-house sandwich boards, furniture for staging homes, and other marketing materials can eat up a lot of space. Instead of trying to find room for it all in the garage or office, many real estate agents opt to rent a storage unit, giving these busy pros a centrally located spot from which to operate.

E-commerce Companies

E-commerce sites with soaring demand are a perfect self storage fit. They need a place for all that inventory. Maybe they run their operations from home or lease a small office and don’t want to pony up for more square footage or a costly warehouse space. A self storage unit can be a much more cost-effective solution. An ideally located unit makes order fulfillment a breeze.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

A storage unit is a low-cost solution for brick-and-mortar stores with surplus inventory. Why search for a larger storefront when you can simply rent a unit and access your goods whenever you need to?

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