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Man and woman removing camping gear from car.

Tips For Storing Your Camping Gear


When it comes to storing your camping gear, a little strategy can go a long way. Taking extra care packing and organizing now will make retrieving your gear from your storage unit for that first spring camping trip all the easier. Storage Etc. is here to help guide you through the process with these five tips for storing your outdoor gear.

Clean It. Then Store It.

Be sure to give all your gear a thorough scrub as you prepare to stash it away for the winter. The last thing you need is dirt spilling out everywhere when you unload your tent from storage in the spring. And make sure your gear is as dry as can be. You don’t want your sleeping bag or tent to be a moldy, musty mess later. Also be sure to wipe the grease and grime off your camping stove and cookware. Do all this and benefit not only from a cleaner storage unit but also longer-lasting gear. A little extra work up front will do wonders down the road. Want some tips? Check out Moosejaw’s all-encompassing guide to cleaning your outdoor gear.

Maximize Your Space

As you pack everything away, be creative. Are you storing that 65-liter backpack you’ve lugged along many a trail? Then be sure to cram all the gear you can possibly fit into it – sleeping bags and pads, lanterns, ultralight collapsible chairs – before storing it. Don’t waste space by spreading out all those items across your storage unit.

Bring in the Accessories

If you really want to up your storage game, bring in some shelving. An old bookcase or industrial shelves are good options that don’t require drilling screws or hammering nails into the walls. Adhesive wall hooks are another great option that can be used to hang some of your stray gear. Some candidates include compression sacks, lanterns, hammocks, and maybe even lightweight cookware sets.

Pack Strategically

This one’s relatively obvious, but is worth mentioning nonetheless. You’ll want easy access to your gear once the weather heats up, so be sure to store your camping gear and any other seasonal items – patio furniture, yard equipment, etc. – toward the front of your unit.

Invest in Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes provide a hardy shell that help protect your stuff and keep your camping gear centralized. They also don’t break down as easily as cardboard boxes, and they’re easy to label and transport back to your garage when spring rolls around.

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