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Ways to Use Self-Storage While Living in a Tiny House


Living in a tiny house comes with challenges that self-storage can help solve. Whether you’re in an RV, a cramped single-family home, or a 150 ft² tiny house on a trailer, you can use self-storage to simplify your living space. Here are some items you can put in self-storage to free up space and give you more flexibility.

Extra Supplies

Financial freedom is one of the top reasons to move into a tiny home, but having so little space means you cannot buy in bulk. You end up buying supplies in small amounts, which is more costly than bulk purchases.

With a 5×5 storage unit, you can take advantage of sales and bulk purchases for items you regularly use like paper towels or toilet paper. Your self-storage unit essentially becomes your long-term supply closet. Then, you can save on your everyday purchases while also saving on your household budget.

Important Documents

Important documents, such as passports or business-related forms, typically aren’t needed on an everyday basis.  However, they are still essential to keep. Depending on your lifestyle, you might have only a few documents or a drawer full of them.

In any case, it can be wise to put these vital documents in a self-storage locker where they will be safe. Then, you won’t have to buy a bulky, fire-proof safe or worry about where to store your records safely in your house.  Storing your documents elsewhere will also free up space in your home for daily life.

Big or Heavy Objects

Some hobbies, like skiing or camping, require equipment that does not easily fit into a tiny home. Camping, fishing, and skiing gear might be large or unusually heavy – a problem for tiny houses with a weight limit.

It is difficult to build a home that prioritizes your hobbies, so it can be easier to put your hobby equipment into a self-storage unit. Then, you won’t have to limit the number of sports or activities you can do. You’ll be free to pursue whatever hobbies you choose.

Sentimental Items

Souvenirs, photo albums, and love letters are a few examples of special items that are hard to throw away. And why should you? Even if memorabilia take up much-needed space, they represent meaningful moments and significant changes in your life, memories that are worth keeping.

If you only have a couple of sentimental items, you might be able to keep these in your house without any inconvenience. But if you have a box full of photos and letters, you might struggle to find a place for them with such limited space.

Climate-controlled storage can be a huge relief by saving you from throwing away items you will later miss. Especially if you’re planning to live in a tiny house temporarily, there is no reason why you should sacrifice valuable keepsakes just because your home is too small.

With a self-storage unit, you can stay on a small budget while still keeping items that are important to your life. Self-storage is an affordable way to have a minimalistic, low-cost home without losing any valuable items.

For information and prices, check out what we offer at Storage Etc. and find a self-storage facility near you!