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Man moves three boxes out of a house on a dolly as snow falls outside.

Why Winter Can be the Best Time to Move


Spring is synonymous with fresh starts. Sunshine. Warmth. Extra daylight. It all serves as inspiration to get moving and get your life in order. But don’t discount winter if a big move is on your horizon. Cutting against the grain has its perks. From potential savings on moving truck rentals to cheaper real estate, you might save big. Here are a few reasons why a winter move might be your best bet, courtesy of Storage Etc.

Savings on a Moving Company or Moving Truck

Renting a moving truck or enlisting the help of a moving company to make your big move? Well, winter can mean more flexibility with scheduling and steep discounts thanks to lesser demand. Think about it. Many families plan their moves for the summer when children are out of school. And, of course, most people prefer moving in comfortable weather. But if you can tolerate the cold, a winter move could do wonders for your bank account.

Cheaper Real Estate & Rents

The real estate market tends to cool off in the winter months, setting you up to find a red-hot deal. Take advantage of sagging demand and make your move. Rental market trends tend to follow suit with rates typically dipping a bit in the winter months. Another chance to save some cash!

Winter Moving Tips

OK, we get it. It’s cheaper to move in the winter. What about the potential for rain, snow, or frigid temperatures? Fair enough. Here are a few tips to help plan your cold-weather move.

Plan Ahead

If you have any sort of flexibility, plan your move around the weather forecast. Plan around that looming rainstorm or snowstorm to the best of your ability.

Roll Out the Red Carpet … for Yourself

Disclaimer: No need for an actual red carpet here. This one’s all about clearing your path. Invest a little time to clear the path of snow or any other obstacles from the moving truck to the house. It’ll make for a smoother and safer move.

Turn Down the Heat

Chances are you’ll keep your entryway door ajar while loading and unloading. Make sure to adjust your thermostat accordingly so you’re not heating the great outdoors as well as the great indoors.

There you go. You’re now ready to ring in the new year with a winter move! For more moving and storage tips, visit the Storage Etc. blog.