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Father and sons decorate their patio with Christmas lights

Why Your Storage Unit is Your Holiday Lifesaver

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Time to decorate your home with all your favorite holiday goodies, go holiday shopping, and get your winter gear ready. With the help of a self storage unit, you can get through the season – and your home – without hiccups. At Storage Etc., we believe a storage unit can be a holiday lifesaver. Here are a few of the ways:

Hide Those Gifts

Is the excitement of the holiday season a little too much for your children? Keep presents in a self storage unit and away from their prying eyes. Take zero chances and keep them from spoiling their holiday surprises. Forget about finding new hiding places in your home. You know your little ones will find those boxes sooner rather than later. Are you buying extra-large gifts this year? Don’t struggle to find a place for them in your home. Tuck them away safely in a storage unit until the big day.

Store Your Season Away

Come January, you don’t want to see all that holiday decor sitting around your home or taking up valuable space in your garage. Take advantage of a self storage unit and store not only those decorations but also those bulky summer items like patio sets and gardening tools for a couple of months until you need them again. Get a storage unit and get a place for those winter and summer toys. Take the skis and snowmobile out and store away those floats, boats, and golf clubs. An organized garage is one fewer headache.

Make Room for Guests

If you’re like us and love having friends and family stay with you during the holidays, you know the struggles of turning your living room or office into a temporary bedroom. For your guests’ comfort and your peace of mind, consider renting a small unit to store whatever you need to make their visit as pleasant as possible. Our month-to-month leasing options give you the flexibility you want, while our wide variety of storage unit sizes will help you find the extra space you need.

We all need more space, especially this time of the year. At Storage Etc., you’ll find the extra space you’ll need and a professional team of self storage experts ready to assist you. Give us a call today or check out our website to find the closest location to you.