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Closeup of frozen motorcycle windshield and rear mirror.

Winter Storage Guide: What to Store & How to Store It


With the colder months fast approaching, it’s time to think about winter storage solutions. At Storage Etc. we can help you with all of your seasonal storage needs from large to small. Need a secure place to store your bike over the holidays or a reliable place to park your boat during the off-season? We’re on it!


Winter is the perfect time to prepare your bike for spring. To ensure it’s ready for the road in the new year, take the time to clean up your bike before you store it. Replace any worn out bike parts like cables, wheels, and brake pads. If you don’t have the skills or knowhow, stop by your local bike shop for a professional tune-up. That way, your bike will be ready and waiting for you as soon as that first sunny day arrives. We also recommend storing your bike pump in your storage unit so you can inflate your tires, hop on, and hit your favorite trails.

Motorcycles, Mopeds & Scooters

Before you lock up your motorcycle, moped, or scooter for the year, treat it to some simple pre-storage maintenance. Care varies depending on your particular ride, but generally speaking, we recommend utilizing a fuel stabilizer, disconnecting the battery, and changing the oil. Once you move your bike into the unit, protect it from any dust or debris by covering it. When summer arrives, you can spend less time tinkering with your ride and more time cruising the streets.

Cars & Boats

In addition to spacious and climate-controlled storage options, Storage Etc. offers secure and accessible parking for your car or boat. As storage professionals, we urge drivers to practice due diligence before storing their vehicles. Check your tires, inspect your battery, and change your oil. For boat storage, be sure to go through the entire winterizing checklist beforehand. Many boat owners prefer to go to a professional to ensure their boat will be in tip-top shape for springtime excursions.

Outdoor Gear

Create more space for your holiday decorations at home and store your outdoor equipment inside your unit. Pack up your camping accessories, swim gear, and gardening supplies for easy storage until the weather warms up. To make it as simple as possible to find what you need after the weather breaks, we suggest keeping your items in clean, organized, and clearly labeled bins.

For simple and flexible winter storage solutions, check out our available storage units today.